Deluxe Chakra set
Deluxe Chakra set
Deluxe Chakra set
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Deluxe Chakra set

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Begin the journey of self healing and discovery with our Deluxe Chakra Set! The Chakra Set comes with seven stones connecting to each Chakra, Selenite (Plate or Sphere), A bundle of Sage, Clear Quartz pendant to amplify your energy and stabilize your aura. 

Red Jasper - Root Chakra
Connects you with Earth and helps you feel grounded, secure, calm, and at ease. The Root Chakra stores your strength and protects your body.

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra
Balances your sexuality and inner self, helps with self-expression through creativity. The Sacral chakras helps you become excited to live life and helps you find your passion.

Yellow Jasper - Solar Plexus Chakra
Enhances your Self-worth, Power, Bodily Functions and brightens your aura. The Solar Plexus brightens your energy and helps you see how great you truly are.

Unakite - Heart Chakra
Enhances Empathy and Love of living beings, Devotion, Compassion and connections to Nature. The Heart Chakra brings a sense of balance to your emotions and allows transformation into your spiritual body

Blue Chalcedony Agate - Throat Chakra
Enhances power of communication, expression, and bridge gaps between others. Throat Chakra bring the sense of truth into your life and spiritual awakening.

Sodalite - Brow Chkra
Enhances Clarity, Intuition, Vision and the ability to Manifest. The Brow Chakra allows you to see the Universal Truth and to awaken/realize your spiritual gifts.

Amethyst - Crown Chakra
Enhances Knowledge, memory and the connection to the Most High. The Crown Chakra helps you receive knowledge/blessings from above and to elevate your consciousness.

Clear Quartz - Soul Star Chakra
Become one with the Universe and connect yourself with the Divine Realms.