Question: Does the order really come with a free crystal if I spend 15$

Answer: Yes, you can actually get more than 1 free crystal. For every 15$ you have in you cart, you can add 1 crystal to your cart. If you spend 15$, you get 1. If you spend 30$, you can get 2. If you spend 45$, you can get 3. And so on. 

You must select which crystal you want and add it to your cart for this to work. The cart will magically wave the price and make it free before you purchase


Question: Can the Crystal packs work for you moon sign too?

Answer: Yes, your moon sign is who you are emotionally and your sun sign is more of your personality/ ego. If you get a crystal set for your moon sign, it'll be more likely to heal and support you from an emotional aspect.


Question: Is it wrong for me to get order the same crystal that comes with the zodiac bundle?

Answer: No, you should do whatever feels right. Lots of people have lots of the same crystal that they like because you can use them for different things.

Example: You can order two Amethysts and keep one with you at all times for anxiety and keep the other by you nightstand to help you sleep better


Question: Do ship internationally? How much for my country?

Answer: Yes, the cart will calculate the exact shipping before you place your order.