Aries Crystal Packs
Aries Crystal Packs
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Aries Crystal Packs

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No one brings life to a room like an Aries. They're always thinking about how they can have fun in the present moment as they bring life to those around them. You're a force to be reckoned with aso well. Your downside is that you get impatient and irritable when things aren't going your way. Sometimes you forget that the discomfort you feel in the present moment is temporary and in those moments of displeasure, you thinks it'll last forever. So you endup making impulsive decisions about certain things when you don't need to.

Amethyst: Helps Aries to stop overthinking.

Unakite: Helps Aries let go and forgive those who have harmed them.

Leapord skin jasper: Helps to ground an Aries' sporadic energy and allow them to maintain peace.

Red aventurine: Assists an Aries in keeping their cool when someone triggers them emotionally.

Tree agate: Allows an Aries to slow down and connect with the energy of plants and nature

Includes one of our variety of Incense Holder, Incense, and a Smudge Stick