Citrine Tumbled Gemstone
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Citrine Tumbled Gemstone

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Citrine is a quartz that carries the power of the sun. Also known as "Light Maker", Citrine brings warmth and energy into one's being. A stone that connects to the Solar Plexus, it's radiant energy unlocks our own ability to emanate joyous positive energy. Natural Citrine does not hold or accumulate negative energy and helps one redirect or re-purpose that energy into something new. A great stone to light up one's soul and energize you to become your best self.

Citrine is also brings prosperity into one's life. Citrine allows one to unlock their potential and make use of the Law of Attraction. Helping one's manifestation come to this physical realm by aiding you with resources the universe has to offer. This is how it has obtained it's other name "The Merchant Stone".

Carry this stone to shine bright as the sun and to take on the opportunities that the universe have given you. Attract prosperity and resources for all of your endeavors. Clear negative thoughts and self doubt so your radiant soul can be free.